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67 Malibu WIW

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I am going to look at a 67. It is a 6 cylinder, auto car. The car is complete and looks straight. The seller said it will need the lower quarters and a trunk pan as well as some rear window channel work. He is including everything to convert it to a 4 speed and the mounts for a small block. I am not that interested in that but oh well. He has sent sever pictures but I can not get them to post correctly. Any ideas would be great or help with posting the photos. Thanks.
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He is asking 3500 for it or 3000 without the four speed stuff. I actually just got back from looking at it. The car is complete but I think it is going to need full quarters. Both front fenders and a trunk pan at the very minimum. There is a whole cut in the floor where they put a shifter for the glide.

I was trying to decide if I would be better off throughing the big block and T400 out of my 68 in it. The 68 needs all the interior and most of the trim but the body is done minus paint. Here is the link. No pics with it though if anyone else is interested.
Pretty much what I was thinking. I am going to be close to that in the 68 but I am already half way there so I might as well stick with it I guess. I am just a real fan of the 66 and 67s. Thanks for the replies.
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