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67 Elky Frame

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I just bought and took down to the frame today, a 67 ElCamino.
It was a gulf coast car so 99% of the body is toast.
But, in order to get 2 new quarter skins for my 66, I had to by the whole car.
$$$ wise-it worked out in my favor----as I get to sell the dropped spindle disc brake conversion that is on it (BRAND NEW__NEVER DRIVEN), and I have a potential frame to use either for my 66 or a temporary body holder while I get the original blasted and painted.
The previous owner told me that it had rolled off a trailer backwards and hit a telephone pole. The frame is about 3" lower on the left rear corner than the right rear. In the axel kick-up, there is a bulge on the outside where it appears that it bent right at the top of the kiick-up. Quarter panel had a pretty good size ugly spot between the wheel and the door---appears as it happened during the argument with the pole.
Is this an easy fix---or will the frame have been weakend to the point it is not worth the trouble.
Reason I ask---is that my 66 may have been in a serious frontal accident in the past--top of the passenger side cowl has been pushed back about 1/2" AFTER repairs long ago. But I also suspect that the 66 has had a frame replacment as I can detect no evidence of of repairs or pulling. And also the fact that out of 12 bolts holding the body on----9 have snapped while getting them out---and I have 3 more to go----no rust in cavities either.
Had to cut holes in the floors to get the cage nuts out, and so far, none of the bolts were rusty.
Got his junker all apart in one afternoon-----taken me a week so far to get the bolts out of the good body.

66 & 67 frames are the same---right??
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I believe they are the same dimensions. Chevrolet shows different part numbers for 64-66 and 67 station wagon and sedan pickup frames so there are obviously some differences but they may be superficial. If you get them side-by-side and can see the differences, I'd be interested in the differences for my two CDs. Photos welcomed of course.

On a side note, there are two OEM mfgs of frames and they do differ slightly. A.O. Smith is a one piece frame and Parrish frames are two piece and welded together just behind the body mount aft of the axle kickup but that in itself shouldn't matter. Just a heads up that there is a difference between A.O. Smith & Parrish.
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