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67 El Camino or Wagon Window felts/seals

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Hey everyone, hoping you can help. Ive got water coming in on the passengers side at the window seal & wing window post. The window looks like it is not close enough to the seal, the seal does not get pushed up and out when the window reaches the end of upward travel. (seal still slopes down towards inside of door) my questions are;

1, do I have the correct side seal on the passenger's side, should the chrome bead go past the window diver post, or should it go past the rear of the door frame, swapping drivers & passengers would change this (pictures)?
2, I've adjusted the wing/divider bar as outboard as I can using the screw at the bottom of it to try to push the window outboard, no luck. Is there any other adjustment?

I compared measurements of both door's opening between inner & outer skins, beads on weatherstrip. Driver's door is about 1" even to 1 1/16"...Passenger's door is 1 1/8" at rear & 1 3/16" at front. Is there any adjustment for this? Iv'e tried closing the door & trying to push the outer skin "In" to close the gap, I've closed the gap maybe 1/16" but wondering if I'm doing the right thing???

Please help :)


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Thanks Tony, I'll check those tabs this weekend. I am the third owner of the car and I'm thinking the glass is original. Where the glass meets the channel that holds it, it looked like a stock item to me. I don't think it had the be beveled rubber piece like that post showed. When the window is all the way up, it looks like it would press the rubber seal upwards like it should be. If the tabs are broken that hold the door "halves" together, any special way to pull them back together other than squeeze them and weld them back together?

Thanks again for the info and reference to the othe link. I've got a 67 Malibu to compare it to, but those are different animals when it comes to this part.

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