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I just got a new SS harness, so I can get rid of that old cobbled Malibu one AND my guages will all finally work (hopefully).

What is the best way to tackle this project? Dad says the dash needs to come out. Is that really necessary? How about just dropped down a little if I take the column out? I need to replace some of the chrome and wiper switch, so I guess now's the time if that's the case.

Also, what am I in for on this project? Any unforseen obstacles that you've encountered while doing this? Tips or Do's and Don'ts appreciated!

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Removing he dash is quite simple and makes replacing the plastic chrome pieces very easy. Having neck and back problems, the thought of laying on my back removing the old wiring and installing new causes me great pain. If your Dad is going to help, give him a break. Do a search on removing the dash. It's a very simple procedure.

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If you don't have huge arms and hands, you don't really have to remove the dash entirely. First - disconnect battery.

1. Remove the steering wheel.
2. Remove screws holding dash pad in place.
3. Remove nuts holding dash to steering column and the two or three braces at the steering column.
4. Remove the remaining screws along the top of the dash.

The dash "should" be free enough to pull forward where you can get your hand and arm between the dash top and the lower panel. This makes it fairly easy to unplug and plug the various switches.

If you don't have a wiring diagram to help with colors, go here and click the "Wiring Diagrams" link on the left. These are specific to 67 Chevelles.

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I read the thread on the wiring harness and your 67 diagrams with the gauge cluster. Do you know anyone like yourself or another member that might have the gauge cluster wiring diagram for the 66 Chevelle?

I am planning to buy a new dash wiring harness and an engine compartment harness from M&H for a gauge cluster installation. Any thought or help would be greatly appreciated.


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WOW! Thanks for that great link. What a resource for us '67 owners! Good job!

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