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Help... how does the conv. top attach to the back of the car? Is there any site that shows picture and attachment hardware?

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The convertible top is bolted to the rear of the car... Actually, there are "trim sticks" that are bolted to the body and they sandwich the top material in between (so the bolts do go through either holes or knotches in the top material)... The trim sticks are a combination of metal and wood or felt, and they are contoured to match the body...

The bolts just appear to be lag bolts (large sheet metal screws), maybe 1/4" X 1"...

They are bolted about 3 inches or so below the body lip, all the way around...

The "well liner" is also sandwiched the same way along the back and sides, with small fasteners in front... If you remove the front fasteners of the well liner, and lift it up, you can see the bolts...

I can't think of a site, but a factory "Fisher Body Manual" for the car should show these (but maybe not great detail). Thes manuals are available from the resto suppliers... I just had mine out for work on my 1966 Chevelle convertible top...

These parts are specific to the 1966-1967 A-body convertible, but you could have something fabbed pretty easily if they were missing...


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