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67 console shifter hole question

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I have a 67 auto shift on the column and now I bought a console I want to put it in. It is a TH-400 console. The floor pans don't have any holes for it so I need to cut out a hole. Can someone tell me how big of a hole it is and the dimensions of where it is located?

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I believe the powerglide and TH400 consoles are the same, except for the indicator lense... The shifters are different.

No holes needed for the console mounting, just some brackets (available repro from OPGI?). Naturally, the shifter will need to be positioned correctly so the console will also be positioned correctly, other than that, I am not sure how big of a hole the shifter will need...

The TH400 shifter (if stock) was pretty uncommon compared tothe powerglide unit (also similar to 1966 shifter, which were only powerglide).

I am not sure, but original floors might possibly have locating "dimples" for the brackets... Locate those properly, and locate the shifter off of those (automatic shifters also contain an integral middle mounting bracket for the console)...
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