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67 Chevelle Starting problems

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I just purchased a 67 Chevelle malibu and intend to pick it up next weekend, the problem the guy has with it is that sometimes it won't start. He puts a battery charger on it and it fires up right away. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't. he replaced the battery, however, when he turns the key, not a sound. I think it must be a relay somewhere. I don't think its the starter solenoid, but I could be wrong. Is it the safety switch on the shifter? It has a 350 in it, obviously not the original, and a T350 auto transmission with a quick shift kit in it. Any one know what I should do. I don't have that long of an extension cord for the battery charger, and not everyone wants to boost you. I must travel ~700 miles home with the car. Thanks :(
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Thanks guys, yes its a liitle brave, but I got a good deal. Had my brother check it out and now to go get it. I have put together a tool kit as a roadside assistant. The jumper you spoke of John is an excellent idea. I had a look at teh tech reference page to know exactly what you are speaking of, infact, its going in the toolbox! I will test the altenator when I get there and replace if necessary. BTW, the fellow I purchased the car from bought it last year here on the island and drove it to Edmonton AB. A year later I'm bringing it back. Seems he really wanted the 67 Camaro instead, and he has that now. I'll let you now how I made out. If I'm on the forum from Edmonton, it'll mean "we gotta problem". Wade
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