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sorry guys no pics yet but someone told me about this car for the past couple of months in Albuquerque NM but it wasnt for sale! well I seen the guy today at autozone and he says hey man I finally got ahold of that guy with that chevelle I was telling you about! and he says its a 4 speed car also! and I'm like ok well I'll never see the car and you'll forget this tomorrow. well then he says yeah he's asking either $2,500 or $2,600! yeah right! well I was just wondering if anyone in Albuquerque knew of which car he was talking about and if it truly is what he says! he says he gave the guy his email address and he was going to get some pictures of it and he would show me the pictures and if I wanted he would get the car for me cause he goes up there all the time! what do you guys think to good to be true?
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