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67 Chevelle SS Conv Resto

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A restoration shop in Spooner Wisc. took my original 67 Chevelle SS Conv in 2003 and promised a show quality frame off restoration. What I received was a amateur body work at best with a rusty frame and Bright Blue paint instead of my original Marina Blue. The Light Blue interior paint was gone and he had painted the inside Bright Blue too. The bolts from frame to the body were loose enough to undo by hand. And he couldn't get the motor to install correctly as he was using the short motor mounts for a 67 BB396 and not the tall.

I live two hours away and tried to keep in touch with phone calls and stop by when I could. He said it wouldn't be ready for some time and before you know it I had a call that it was done and I needed to pay the bill so he could deliver.

Skipping ahead to 2008, I had sued the guy but only got back a fraction of what was paid out. I found a reputable shop close to where I live and his work impressed me. I have saved enough money to redo the work that was done in 2003 and try to salvage what we can. The body was just bead blasted and will be removed from the frame to redo that work as rust was showing on the frame from the first rest guy.

This restoration will not be done in a hurry and most certainly will be done correctly as I live 5 miles away and trust this shop as his work has won customers first place in larger car shows in our area.

I keep you all posted on progress and am sure will be using the forums for accurate resto details.


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