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67 chevelle seats advice

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i just got a 67 chevelle and it has got noting in it as far as seats, door pannels, carpet, head liner, i do have a dash, and a few other crome strips, but my question is where is the best ( cheaper ) place to go to find deals on the things im in need of?

also it needs the rear window pannel replaced is the a job for someone who has done it befor or can it be done by a person that is good with metal?
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Wish you were closer. I was thinking about selling my whole interior minus headliner as I have buckets and another rear seat I was going to recover and change interior color. Mine is an almost new bright blue bench seat interior that was in the car when I got it and I like it, it's just not what I was planning on doing with it. I have carpet, matching floor mats, door panels, new arm rest, and reupholstered seats. Don't think it would be cheap to ship.
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