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'67 Beaumont SD - What do ya think?

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A good friend of mine is considering this car for purchase. After years of reading here I am confidant that I could help him make an informed decision on a Chevelle but Beaumonts - well, I dunno.

For those that DO know would you please have a look at the photos in the link below and let me know what you think. Not too concerned with things mechanical, or with body issues - more concerned with authenticity and any issues that are specific to these cars.

Many thanks,

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It does help Don, thanks for taking the time.

Mark, thanks for the great link.

All feed back is appreciated.

Great information guys, hugely appreciated.

I did notice the trunk paint issue as well. And, after looking at the Beaumont link that Mark put up I also see how the lower stripes are incorrect - lacking the the "SD" designation. Then there's the issue with the SD script on the rear flanks along with the stripes. I'm guessing the fellow simply added the stripes on hi own.

Hey Cam, Do you happen to know/have pics of the correct wheel types?

Thanks again Cam. So it could have come with several wheel/wheel cover choices and the only way to know which is correct for THIS particular car is by examining the build sheet.

Last I spoke with Tom he was considering making the drive to have a look at it. We'll see what happens.

Thanks for all the information.

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