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'67 Beaumont SD - What do ya think?

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A good friend of mine is considering this car for purchase. After years of reading here I am confidant that I could help him make an informed decision on a Chevelle but Beaumonts - well, I dunno.

For those that DO know would you please have a look at the photos in the link below and let me know what you think. Not too concerned with things mechanical, or with body issues - more concerned with authenticity and any issues that are specific to these cars.

Many thanks,

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The '67 Sport Deluxe did not use the woodgrain insert on the dash; however in '68 it was an extra cost option on the Sport Deluxe.

One thing that is not well known is that when a '67 SD 396 is ordered with the option stripes like the car shown in your link, the rear quarter 'Sport Deluxe' nameplates are left off.

Only 751 coupes and 66 convertibles were built, so it is one rare car.
An early SD must have bucket seats or it is not an SD, that is if it is a 736-series car. It could have a 283, 327 or 396.
Around New Years '67 all SD cars were 738-series and came only with the 396. Also it could have a bench or bucket seats at that point, and the big-block hood was used (the early 736-series did not use the big block hood, even if it had a 396).

I notice the car in question has Pontiac Rally IIs. Beaumonts did not use them although they do look nice and fit right. The car does have the clear turn signal lenses up front, which is something all Beaumonts used '64 - '69. Also the trunk looks nice, but technically it would have come with body colour throughout (like the firewall).
ss3964spd said:
Great information guys, hugely appreciated.

Hey Cam, Do you happen to know/have pics of the correct wheel types?

I have pics around, but just remember that the wheel situation was the same as the Chevelle except there was no corresponding Mag-Style wheel cover. Hubcaps & wheel covers were used on drum brake cars, Rally Wheels came standard with and only on disk brake cars.

The standard hubcap on the 738-series Sport Deluxe was the same basic '64 - '67 Chevelle dog-dish cap but with the Beaumont arrowhead emblem in the center.

The optional P01 Full Wheelcover was actually the same one as used on the 1965 full-sized U.S. Pontiacs (Beaumont arrowhead emblem though). The P01 Wheelcover was standard on the early 736-series Sport Deluxe.

The P02 Wire Wheelcovers were the same as the Chevy but the center cap was plain with concentric rings. Incidentally all GM divisions share the common wire wheelcover with a different medallion in the center, but U.S. Pontiacs disguised it further with a larger center cap.

Disk brake cars used the same Rally wheels, caps & trim rings as the corresponding Chevelles except for the center emblem (obviously no Chevy emblem)

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