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67 Baloney! + dcarr's elco Cool!

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I received my Dec. issue of Super Chevy today and there is a section where editors list their favorites. On page 59 Damon Lee feature editor says one of his is the 67 SS396 Chevelle. I think he is wrong when he states the biggest horespower available was 350hp. Oh well. Hey Chuck Hanson if you read this set Damon straight will ya? On page 23 there is a little blurb on a new photo book of El Caminos. It looks like the cover is Dan Carr's 68 that was Jan 98's TC feature. Congrats Dan!!

Jeff ACES#841 TCG#158
68 SS396(454)
68 L78 Project
87 MC SS
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Jeff, I saw the same thing and said, " Gee no wonder I see so may 67's with 427's in them."

Gene Chas
Gold #62
67 SS396/ 427

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