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67 300 DeLuxe 4dr glass question

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I'm new to the forum, and I have some basic questions for you guys, in order to enjoy more my new purchase.

I've plans to buy a '67 4dr 300 DeLuxe (my first Chevelle ever) NON HT (with B pillar) in the next couple of weeks, but even though I can see almost every mechanical part is available, I can't find an easy way to replace the glass of the doors. The glass in the 4 doors is OK now, but probably I must be more concerned to take care of them, more than the engine, the dash or the transmission!

Is there any vendor that would help me with them, in case of an accident?
Do the glass/regulators/trim for the 4dr wagon doors, can be used in the 4dr sedan?

Almost all the glass, trim, regulators, etc. available On Line are for the 2 door versions!

Thank you in advance for your valuable help, and please have a Happy New 2023!
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Thank you guys, for your comments and for the welcome.
I'll try to find a wrecked 4dr, try to buy the 4 window glasses, and have them on store, just in case.

Best regards, and Happy new year 2023!
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