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Not sure if this is the correct part of the forum to ask this but here goes. Bought a Grant #414 Challenger series wheel and adapter kit for my 66. Pretty much all went well for the install until putting the horn cap on the fiber part of the grounding system. After closely following directions I got the cap to twist on properly to the fiber disc. Hooked up the battery and forgot to make sure my head was out from under the hood! Nice bump on the old noggin! Anyway, played with the cap and redid it several times trying to adjust it and still have the issue. I did take the fiber disc out and lightly sanded the edges down slightly to make sure it wasn't sticking but still blows. Also, increased the tension on the horn button spring and that seemed to help but sticks at times.
Thought I would ask if anyone else has had to make mods to their setup and offer suggestions.
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