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66 rear seats

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first question are the rear seats for a 66 chevelle and a 67 the same besides the covers

second question is i bought bouth parts for a what i thought was a 66 rear seat but the crome or metal peices run left to right and most pictures i see of 66 chevelles have them running up and down
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Hey Tommy's about a little response to the last post you made in Tag Team?? You asked a question about your 66 which seems to have had a frame swap, got several in depth replys, more info was needed, you never replied? Not even a Hey thanks guys?

I for one would like to know if you felt you received an adequate response and be nice to know if you were helped.


PS..I know this has nothing to do with your seats, pardon me for that...

In answer to your first question, yes the seats are the same, less the covers.
sorry mike been kinda bussy but thanks for the help
And yes, the 66 seat medalions do run up and down... You can buy repro medalions and seat covers...

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