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66 rear seat emblems

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Can someone please tell me where to place the rear seat emblems. I did a search and found one comment about being 12.5 inches down from the package tray but that measurement looks too low on my convertible seats.

Thanks Bill
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ttt Can't someone help me with this?

Thanks for the come back, I really appreciate it.

The 12.5 measurement is exactly what I got from a search here. I tried the measurement on my seat by running the tape from the back of the seat where the top boot attaches, this should be the same place that your package tray is. The problem is, the emblem looks very low on my conv seats so I was questioning the measurement. I know the conv seat is not as wide as a sedan seat but now I am starting to question the height as well.

Maybe one of the convert guys will see this and help.

Thanks Bill
Gary, Ken,

Thanks for the reply, I was just about ready to give up on finding a solution to where to place the emblems.

It is evident the convert's are different from the sedans from your measurements.

It looks like there is a 1" and 3/8" difference in placement between the two of your cars which could be due to factory workers discretion in the assembly process.

I didn't think the 12.5" looked right and now I know why.

Thanks very much for checking on this and helping me out.

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