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I think you guys are confusing one another. If I am reading this correctly, Tod is trying to apply his new chrome moldings to the qtr window, & attach the weatherstrips to them?

If so, the chrome moldings should be come with new rubber gaskets. There is no need for any adhesive. You simply tap them on with a rubber mallet. The key words being "lightly tap"! :)

If by some chance the rubber gaskets are NOT included with the chrome, & your old ones are no good, you can stop by a glass shop. They should have what you need. I think Muscle Factory in SoCal carries those gaskets as well.

If not, you can also use the stuff to set windshields, urethane caulk. Keep in mind, if you go this route, those chrome moldings are NEVER coming off your windows again.

Now to attach the weatherstrip to the chrome. Hopefully you ordered the ones with the steel cores. Either way, some soapy water will help out tremendously. Simply lube them with the soapy water & slide them into place. No adhesive necessary.

Hope this helps.

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