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true 67 hub will have a small diameter with a head with a slot that comes out of it about two in long about 1/8 deep
The depth is for the ctr spoke on a three bar chevelle
If you will look on bottom of wheel one spoke steps down in the ctr the amt of spoke.
The 66 will mount differently at the dash one being flat against the dash the other at a angle. Also the 67 will have a 4 way emergency flasher button where as the 66 does not.
The hub on a 66 is completely flat with no slot.
If your has slot and happens to be a 67 head use a spacer under the width of in a circilar pattern
Actually on the corvette forum you can buy one. I would be interested in your old three bar PM me I would also lke to buy a corvair 66 two bar rosewood 15 inches in diameter Identical except for correct 66 chevelle is better than 16 inches in diameter I have a OEM one perfect I would trade for a proper corvair whl LMK

PS. So you can use your two bar either way.
It would be difficult wo changing dash mounts to put a 67 column in a 66 with a 66 dash? LMK
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