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I'm looking for the correct number and spacing for the molding clips on the front lower windshield of a 66 Chevelle. I replaced the rotted out lower window dash panel but it was so bad I couldn't tell where the molding clip studs were located.

If worse comes to worse, I guess I'll just duplicate the number and spacing I have on the front top windshield...


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JJ67SS, There are 7 clips on the bottom and they are not evenly spaced. Starting from the center of the windshield, that clip is not in the center exactly. It is offset to the driver's side by about an inch. Measuring from the center of the car, the next clip from the centerline on both dirver's and pass side is 8.75", the 3rd clips ar 14" from center and the last 2 clips are 20.375" from the centerline. Hope this helps.

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