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I have a question. I have a 66 it has manual drums front and rear. After having pedal go to the floor at a stop sign I thought it was time for better brakes. I called some venders and thought I would go with who ever seemed best on the phone. Searched Team Chevelle. I now have a conversion form CCP. Duel 8" booster. I got the spindles and old master cyl. off OK When I started to install new booster I find that there are two holes in my pedal. booster seems to line up with bottem hole. Old master cyl. was in top hole. wich do I use. Also do I have to pull my whole dash apart to get pin out of clevis in top hole or am I missing some thing stupid? It will not come out past the support for pedal assy. and steering colem. 40 year old brake line did not coperate I will be needing new hard lines, Any suggestions? I will ca. CPP tomarrow. Just thought some one could give me a head start.

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This is so fun.

If you can get that little clip off of the pin, you can then depress the pedal some and the pin should line up with a hole in the side of the pedal support (did on mine).

Might also want to source another pin and retainer, as the pedal return spring also uses the top hole and pin for pedal return.

Brake rod goes in the lower hole.

ADVICE----once everything is assembled and fitted----remove the master cylinder to bench bleed-----with the angle the master sits, there is no way to get it bled out while on the car.
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