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66 Fender Flag Placement

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I've been searching this site, and I am stumped. I have the assembly manual, so I think I can figure it out. The first time I did a search, I found a post where someone explained how to measure for the 4 bolt flags if you already had 2 holes, by drawing a verticle line right in the middle, and a horizontal line a certain distance below the 2 holes. It looked like an easier method than trying to measure from the -30 and +20 listed in the AIM. Now I can't find that post, and I've been searching for hours.
Does anybody remember that post, and where I might find it. My original fenders were damaged and rusted beyond what was reasonable to repair, so I bought some different ones. Now I need to drill 4 holes and fill 2.
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You can stop anytime you want, but you won't see any progress at my house. I realized I was in over my head, so I hired a restoration shop in Cannon Falls to do the work. The inner and outer rockers and the floor pans are replaced already, next week the plan is to install all the floor braces, and remove the rotten trunk floor. It's possible I will have pain yet this fall. I'm trying to tie down all the little details for the shop.
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