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66 Fender Flag Placement

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I've been searching this site, and I am stumped. I have the assembly manual, so I think I can figure it out. The first time I did a search, I found a post where someone explained how to measure for the 4 bolt flags if you already had 2 holes, by drawing a verticle line right in the middle, and a horizontal line a certain distance below the 2 holes. It looked like an easier method than trying to measure from the -30 and +20 listed in the AIM. Now I can't find that post, and I've been searching for hours.
Does anybody remember that post, and where I might find it. My original fenders were damaged and rusted beyond what was reasonable to repair, so I bought some different ones. Now I need to drill 4 holes and fill 2.
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Hi Gary, saw your car at Rochester; but could locate you. Looks like it was a good tour. I have never seen so many 66 chevelles in one place. Looks like your are progressing on the convert. I just broke another valve spring last week, so yesterday I replaced all the springs. Think they were original springs from the 66 heads. Seems to run good now. Hope to stop by and see the progress some time.

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