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66 Fawn Interior - any idea on material

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I'm looking for any information on this seat material. I looked through many posts and google searches and can't find any information on this material. All signs point that this is the stock seats and interior. Does anyone have any idea about this interior?


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Sorry, but its not original upholstery. The cloth is not a GM cloth design from the era, and the seat cover "STYLE" is not one that was used either.
The covers were custom made by a shop at some point in the cars history.
These seats themselves are most likely original to the car though. if the bench seat backs fold forward and have no locks, it is a 1966 seat for sure. (67+ seats had a seat back lock mechanism with a little lever on the lower back to release it)
Here are a few pics of an original 66 seat with OEM cloth inserts as an example of what the material would have looked like if they were originally cloth.



your firewall body tag will tell what the original interior combination was.
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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