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66 Fawn Interior - any idea on material

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I'm looking for any information on this seat material. I looked through many posts and google searches and can't find any information on this material. All signs point that this is the stock seats and interior. Does anyone have any idea about this interior?


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The correct fawn cloth fabric for your car was factory installed. The pic of your current cloth is an aftermarket substitution.

SMS fabrics stocks many OEM classic fabrics and as I recall some ready made seat covers and headliners.

It's best to give them a call and request availability and samples.

There may be other suppliers that carry the correct cloth seat covers such as PUI, Legendary and Distinctive Interiors. Vendors for these suppliers include Summit, Jegs, Ecklers,, Ground Up etc. which show pics of their offerings.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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