Hi guys and gals,

I'm revising this and knocking down the price because I see now that since I retired from Chevelles, things have gotten a whole lot easier when it comes to restoring! (haha)

Anyway, this firewall steering column seal plate is now available as a reproduction. So I've cut the price of this ORIGINAL sheet metal piece to acknowledge that reality. You can get an imitation one for 40 bucks, or get this real one for $60.

PARTS: 1966 Chevelle P/N 384315 Cover-dash (see photo of assembly manual), and 3859495 seal (seal is in poor condition, but metal cover is perfect except for bad paint)

This one is 100% certainly from my now gone factory 4 speed October 65 Fremont built SS396. I'm just throwing in the seal so you will have something to reference when you buy a new one. As I said, the cover is perfect. No weird holes drilled in it or anything like that.

Not trying to get rich here. I just want it to help someone else who might be building a 4 speed car and who might want original sheet metal instead of reproduction.