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66 Chevelle with TRZ upper and lower Control arms
And TZ steering arm and bump stop kit been on car since 2007 front end set up with 5” travel and alignment specs all good. car about 2” lower than stock. stock spindles

Iam now setting car for primarily street use ( yes I know TRZ does not support street use with any of their stuff )

Raising car back to stock height with .500 taller upper ball jount
Now I cant get any positive caster no matter how severe I shim it
Just cant understand why as the TRZ arms have built in caster
I have always needed ar least 7/8” shim pack to get neg camber
I can see frame sag affecting camber but not caster by rhat much
I switched upper arms side to side and of course got a ton of caster 7* but arms are backwards
Anybody got any ideas ?
I can see the spindle pointing forward

Any body know how I can measure crossmember for sag with engine in car ?

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Do the TRZ lowers have any relocation or just the uppers?
Lowers relocation Not that I know off.
I was able to measure frame with assembly manual specs and its not sagged within 1/16 all good

I was told when using .500 taller ball joints on upper it moves the upper arm that same .500 out or closer to the header ?? does that make sense ? No problem to get .50 neg camber

Im now using a longacre digital align tool so will get more accurate caster spec but visually the spindle looks forward
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