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66 ac compressor always on

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The compressor in my 66 Malibu is always "on" or should I say engaged unless I disconnect the wires to it. This shouldn't be the case should it? I can move the selector switch to outside air and even over to heat and it says on.

Also, the fan switch, all the way to the bottom is off, then as you come up it's high, med, low. Is this correct?

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Thanks Dwight. That's a starting point. I'll check and post what I find.
took me a little time to get around to it but I wanted to post an answer as I hate it when I look in the archives for a problem that was worked and never was in fact the switch...and, the order of the switch was wrong as should have been off at the top position, followed by low, med, and high at the bottom...
It was the fan switch...and I'm glad to have it going..I figure since I have air on the car, it needs to be working considering all the extras that go along w/ having air! I just got the car and am "debugging" it....finding quite a few things going on which makes it that much more fun!
Thanks guys...about to post a post in the "welcome" forum...thanks for the help again!
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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