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So here's the question:

Where should the paint end, (and the chrome begin) on an original console top for a '66 or '67 (auto or manual). In other words, should the paint extend into the valley that runs around the console top? Or, should it stop at the texture, therefore leaving the valley chrome? By the console top I am referring to the portion that would cover the shifter and house the clock.

For some time now I have been looking for a nice orginal console top for my '67 SS. The one that was originally on the car showed some signs of pitting in both the valley and on the top textured portion. I sent this to be replated and after stripping, the plater said it was not worth re-chroming. He would essentially need to 'remove' the texture to get the top in good enough condition for plating. Since then, I've purchased 2 other tops that looked good (for 46 years old), but ultimately were not any better than what I already had. I consulted two other platers, and both pretty much told me the same thing. Any way, I recently purchased the console top that was listed on our website for sale and this thing is in incredible shape! It was not advertised as NOS, but if it was installed and used, I couldn't tell it. I don't see any signs of bubbling in the valley or in the textured area. It doesn't appear to have ever been painted, and is currently black. When I started inspecting this top, I noticed the black actually extends into the valley. In addition, it extends up the side of the valley and ends essentially at the top ridge, as if only the top ridge was taped for painting. The reason I believe this may be how it way painted from the factory is that they taping is not very precise (no hard lines), but not sloppy either. The taping lines are very similar in appearance to the black on an original SS grill, or even an original dog dish cap (for '67, I would be referring to the bowtie), in that the lines are very 'soft' for lack of a better word. The paint is very clean and even in the textured area, but it shows getting lighter in the valley and only minimal overspray up the sides of the valley (towards the outside). I've also seen the plastic reproduction tops, and these are all made with the black extended into the valley. I always assumed this was wrong, mainly due to the fact that a chrome valley on the top seems to flow better into the chrome door base on the rear. However, after seeing this top, it has me thinking that maybe my assumptions were wrong.

Any opinions?
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