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66 454 short water pump set up

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Ok i am trying to convert my long water pump to short pump and let me tell what a pain in the butt has anyone done this lately here is what i have
gm pulleys
gm remote res power steering pump
gm water pump
after market brackets
i went to autozone and bought two belts well there to short and of course the parts guy is no help
does anyone have a part number of a set of belts that will work
thankyou Bob
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Can you just measure the length you need and just give that to the parts guys? If not, I'll be in the same boat shortly. I'm converting a 67 from SB to BB with the short pump.

Usually the last two numbers on the belt are the belt length. At least that;s how it was 20+ years ago when I used to have to buy belts that way
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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