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66 396 distributor with # 1111131 ????

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Has anyone ever seen this # stamped on a 66 big block distributor tag???? I bought the distributor 6 months ago on ebay because the date was same as another #1111138 dist I have (5M13) and figured the guy just didnt read the tag correctly. It has the #360 vacuum advance and is identical to the #138 dist. down the 111 stamped in the middle of the housing.
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The distributor tag you have (#1111131) comes up in a Delco parts master catalog as 66 Cadillac. Since the distributor you have is oviously a Chevy, tag has been changed. It is possible that the wrong one was installed at Delco Remy when it was made. What would happen is when the distributor production line was changed from one number to the next, the possibility existed for the wrong tag to be used. The numbers are pretty close, so it would be easy to make this mistake. This should have been caught by inspectors, but we all know mistakes did happen, and were not always caught. It is also just as likely that the tag was switched later somewhere by someone doing work on the car.

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