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65 elky auto console?

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Hi everyone.Man this site is great.Now for the question. I have a 65 elky, which the codes and emblems indicate that it is a custom series model car with the factory auto in the floor. However, all that's in the floor is the factory shifter with no console. Does anyone know where I can find a console for this car or should I just go to a hurst or B&M shifter assembly. I would kind of like to keep it pretty stock inside, but if it's going to cost me my right leg for the console, then I might have to go with something else. Thanks for all the help.
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You muct have buckets in the car to have the console in the Elky. You could check out the
parts page on this site and you should find some there. Or go to Ebay and do a search on a 65 Chevelle or El-Camino console. You may not get a hit every day but they're posted there all the time usually selling for about $150.00

Hope it helps,

Here's one example of a correct 65 console for your car. The 64 console has the "ridges" a little further apart.
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