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65 El Camino parking brake almost there

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Great help from everybody on various work on this project. Emergency Brake is close - I have put a new assembly in (cables underneath and hooked into Brake Assemblies and pedal under dash) - the problem is that in the brakes only the passenger side brake assembly has the arm that the cable attaches to push the shoe out - the driver's side is missing and auto parts do not have it for a 65. So I attached the cable to passenger side brake and put the cable into the brake drum on driver's side (but not attached to anything) - when a step on the parking brake I move the brake on passenger side and it applies pressure but It does not feel like the brake will hold - is the drivers side not being attached giving me too much slack to get enough brake pressure on passenger side? Suggestions ?


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Yup... your diagnosis is correct.

Since the E-brakes are activated by basically a big 1/2 circle loop of cable (between Left & Right sides) that's yanked tight by the E-brake pedal (near the transmission), there is too much slack in the loop for the pedal travel to "take up".

About the only solution is to bone-yard scrounge a Left side E-brake lever and complete the assembly on the driver's side.
They can't be that hard to find - GM used the same drum brake assy's for years. Take your RH lever with you and start digging. The LH lever will be an exact mirror image/reverse of the RH. I'll bet you could find a match up into 80's cars.
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