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Hello brand new motor. Serpentine belt system type two power steering pump from summit new stainless hoses and remote reservoir all from summit. Filled the reservoir with fluid and started the engine. The steering is very hard and fluid is squirting out from the vent hole on the cap of the reservoir./ is this caused by to much air in the system. I would appreciate any help.. Thanks mitch

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Did you fill the steering box directly before you attached the hard lines? If not, it will take a lot of bleeding to get it sufficiently full. The drill is:

-fill the reservior
-start the engine
-turn wheels lock to lock about 4 times
-check the fluid level, fill if low
-if the fluid is excessively foamy, shut down until the foaming disappates
-repeat until no more whining from the system and no more foaming of the fluid occurs, fill to the proper level on the reservior

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You want to get as much air out of your power steering system BEFORE you start the engine. Otherwise, it takes a lot more time to get the air out after it has been whipped to a milky froth as it passes through a power steering pump that is spinning when the engine is running.

Jack up the front wheels. With the engine off, rotate the steering wheel full lock to full lock a couple dozen times. (Be sure to check that the wheels aren’t hitting your jack and jack stands as they move toward full lock.)

This operation will actually pump fluid throughout the system with the engine off. You should be able to see large air bubbles rising up through the fluid in the pump reservoir. Refill the reservoir as required during the process. Refill one last time, let the car down and start the engine. Rotate the steering wheel full lock to full lock a few more times. Don't hold at full lock for more than just a few seconds.

Check for leaks. Refill as necessary to the COLD mark on the capstick. Go for a short 10 mile drive. You should be good to go.

If there is still a minor amount of noise. Let the car sit overnight; check the fluid level and then go for another short drive. You should be good to go.

When the power steering gear is replaced there is a lot more air in the system that has to be removed as compared to just a pump or a hose change.

One last tip: I always recommend that you use genuine GM power steering fluid. It is the only fluid that is specifically formulated to operate with GM power steering pumps. It is available at GM dealers. It has very good antifoaming characteristics.

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