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The follow stream of thought is based on a few weeks of searching this and other boards, Google and several car magazines I subscribe to. I have a 65 Chevelle Malibu SS and I’m sorting out the detail of front disc brake conversion, front suspension upgrade. I’ve set this up by components involved and look forward you your comments and real world experience. This will be our cruiser and touring machine as we head toward retirement.

Spindle: I keep the stock short spindle; mill the upper mount boss down to accept a disc kit. Master Power has a kit that I believe mounts to that spindle. I have no interest in cross drilled/slotted rotors, just GM rotors, single piston floating calipers. Easy, cheap, solid and no bump steer issues. Who else makes a kit for the short spindle? Do these brake kits retain the stock track width? Is there an accepted method of spindle inspection? Magnaflux? X-ray?

Upper control arm; the adjustable unit from SC&C with the tall upper Howe’s ball joint. I’m looking seriously at the tall lower ball joint as well as soon as I can sort out the value added.

Lower control arm: Doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference, I’m interested in tubular if only because rebuilding the 43 year old original won’t be free anyway. I would also get firmer bushings and more bling. I think SC&C again has one.

Springs; Eiebacks from SC&C. I’ll look at those for the rear as well.

Steering box: I like what I read about the Lee Performance unit that SC&C carries.

At the rear I intend to use the Master Power 11” finned drum with a vacuum assist master cylinder.

I think (hope) that this setup will be very performance oriented, easy to do, not terribly expensive. I think the various components will work well together. I’m also thinking I have about 1.5” of lowering effect. I look forward to your comments.
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