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65 Chevelle body to a 72 El Camino frame?

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Greetings all, I'm new here.
I've been reading a lot of car body swaps to El Camino frames. But usually they are same year or close.
I'm trying to find out if I can put a '65 Chevelle body on a '72 El Camino frame...
I know the El Caminos are about 4" longer, but will the body mounts match up after removing the 4"?
I'm going through the entire car, new hardware, dash, rubber seals.... and... I'm also doing an LS swap at the same time.
But I found a 1972 El Camino frame that has... a 12 bolt, full front suspension upgrade and it's really clean (sanded and painted).

So any help would be appreciated.
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Absolutely not
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