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64 Etc with 2004R dipstick and cooling lines compatibility

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I am installing a 2004R into my 64 El Camino. Trying to accumulate the right parts ahead of time since have limited time on my friends rack.

1. Dipstick-Anyone sell a Factory type dipstick for the 200 that fits in the Chevelle?
**OPGI sells a 700r4 stick for a Chevelle retro fit but I don't know if that's appropriate for the 2004r either fit or indicator wise?

**Whether it be specific for a retro tranny fit to a Chevelle or just something that fits up ok, do you have a specific application I can buy?

I have used Lokar flex sticks on other apps and don't particularly like them.
Would like a Factory hard tube bolted to the bell housing like factory install.

2. Cooling lines-prefer to use hard lines. I have purchased from OPGI the lines for a 700r4 retro fit to a Chevelle. Hopefully I can adjust a little at the trans for the slightly different in/out location of the ports. Frame and radiator routing should be good I would think.
**Anyone experienced with this? Will they fit?

-I will make some hardline to couple up from rad to cooler and back to trans return line.

Thanks for the help
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A couple months back I finally swapped a 200-4r I to my '66.

It was a used trans that came with a hard tube dipstick. Sorry, can't say what it came from. I did replace the seal at the trans to help prevent leaks. Before I out the trans in, I tested where the full marker sits with the pan off to make sure it's calibrated to the trans properly. Seemed to be just right.

For the lines, I just bought a 25' spool of 5/16 nickel copper hardline. Bends easily, and I used the old powerglide lines as template for the front portion, and then custom hand-bent the back portion to hit the trans inlet / outlet connections.

I realize this didn't answer directly, but I was in the same boat and felt this was the best way to have hard lines that fit perfectly.

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Thanks. I think that tells me that a 200 stick for an 80s Gbody that these trans' came in will fit in my 64.

Bolt up to the Bellhousing ok?

You running a small block?

Yep, that's my other option, bent a lot of lines but if I can buy factory bent lines that work that's my preference. I'll post how they fit once I get to them.

Any other responses out there appreciated.
Yeah I have a small block. I'm not sure what application the tube was for, but that's a likely candidate. I ended up with it bolting to one of the holes on the bell housing that's not in use by trans to engine bolts. I'll try and snap a picture this evening. Is it right ? I don't know. Is it working ? So far it is.

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