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64 Etc with 2004R dipstick and cooling lines compatibility

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I am installing a 2004R into my 64 El Camino. Trying to accumulate the right parts ahead of time since have limited time on my friends rack.

1. Dipstick-Anyone sell a Factory type dipstick for the 200 that fits in the Chevelle?
**OPGI sells a 700r4 stick for a Chevelle retro fit but I don't know if that's appropriate for the 2004r either fit or indicator wise?

**Whether it be specific for a retro tranny fit to a Chevelle or just something that fits up ok, do you have a specific application I can buy?

I have used Lokar flex sticks on other apps and don't particularly like them.
Would like a Factory hard tube bolted to the bell housing like factory install.

2. Cooling lines-prefer to use hard lines. I have purchased from OPGI the lines for a 700r4 retro fit to a Chevelle. Hopefully I can adjust a little at the trans for the slightly different in/out location of the ports. Frame and radiator routing should be good I would think.
**Anyone experienced with this? Will they fit?

-I will make some hardline to couple up from rad to cooler and back to trans return line.

Thanks for the help
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I've been using these with success:

On my cars, with a 2004r with universal bellhousing, when bolting to a Chevy, this dipstick actually lets you just use a small bolt and go through the upper bolt hole that is not used when bolting to a Chevy block.

Make sure to follow the directions. For a 2004r you cut off a small amount of the tube to get the dipstick height correct. You want to make sure that when the dipstick tube is installed and the dipstick is pushed in and locked that the "full" mark is at the same level as the transmission pan gasket. Easiest way to tell is to install the tube with the pan off, put the dipstick in, and see where it is at.


Also, if you need a Chevy reference for transmission lines, you can use a 1987 Monte Carlo SS - they came with a 2004r and small block Chevy engine. You will probably have to modify the radiator end, but they will give you the proper bends all the way out to the front of the engine at least.
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