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64 door panel retainer molding - same for front doors of all models?

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As I start replacing various bits of damaged/missing trim on my '64 4-dr wagon, I'm looking at the chrome door panel retainer moldings on the inside of my front doors (the straight molding that screws to the door just below the windows, and the upper edge of the door panel slides into the channel of the molding).

Are they the same part for the *front* doors only across all '64 models (2 & 4-door models)? You'd think they would be (knock wood). One vendor I talked to today wasn't sure, so I held off on purchasing them. I can see the rear doors being different depending on body style, but luckily I have those :)

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I'm not positive, but I don't think they are the same as the front doors for a 4 door wagon are shorter than the front door for a 2 door model, thus, the molding should be shorter. The El Camino door molding and the 2 door wagon molding are probably the same as a coupe/convertible, but not a 4 door wagon or 4 door sedan. I'm sure others will chime in on this also. Hope it helps. 64elkynss
I measure just over 41 and three quarter inches for length on both my Elky and SS. It's my understanding that the El Camino door and 2 door wagon door are the same other than the frame that surrounds the window when it's rolled up. El Camino frame is rounded and Wagon door is squared off, so the molding for the door panel should be the same for both. 64elkynss
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