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64 dash lights won't go off

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Hi guys, My 64 chevelle wagon dash lights and tail lights won't go off when I turn the switch off. The problem was almost the opposite when my headlights went out and the tail lights were the only thing that would come on. But I got the headlights coming on now by pulling the dash and putting in a new switch (which might have been unnecessary) and checking the grounds and hitting and dimmer switch 20 or 30 times to clean off the oxidation on its contacts. Now all the lights come on, but when I push in the switch the headlights go out but the dash and taillights stay on.
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thanks for the ideas. I cleaned and tightened the grounds and added a ground from cluster to frame. Made sure the after market radio was grounded. I also tightened the wiper and light switches. all good stuff but the tail lights are still on. guess I'll undo battery ground for now.
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