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??'64 Chevelle Malibu Original Seat Upholstery Pictures/Info??

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Any help would be great.

I have had my 64 chevelle for six years. I am finally redoing the interior. (The drivetrain is modified, but I am keeping stock looking interior). I am styling it after the original. I have found the original vinyl & horizontal striped fabric for the seats (It is a 2 Door Coupe w/ front and rear bench). However, I need some pictures or detailed info about how the original seat upholstery looks. Also, I've heard there are seat medalions for front and back that you can no longer purchase??

If you have any info, or can point me in the right direction that would be great. I have an idea of how it should look, but I am trying to be as accurate as possible. If I could figure out where to find the upholstery medalions, that would be a huge bonus.

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there is no seat medalions. what they are refering to is the medalion moulded into the vinyl of the rear seat. tom
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