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Hi guys, I added factory air conditioning to my 65 el Camino - what a project that was but worth now it’s up and running. So I didn’t do my research about the drivers side vent until now and it was about 40 years ago I removed the a/c from a donor car. I bought the new kick panels that everyone is selling for 64-67 a/c car. After seeing some photos on line of factory a/c cars with a vent in the left kick panel I started investigating and found some threads on here. Turns out the solid kick panel is only correct for 67! They really should sell all the panels individually so the 64-66 cars can get it right without having to buy 2 pairs. My original vent and panel are pretty nice so they are going back in. Also for adding speakers to the kick panels I am putting them in vertical because power window feed comes in the same recess as the speaker goes. Nothing is easy!
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