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The 64/65 gauge package,use and amp meter shut, thats located by the voltage regulator horn relay at the drivers side rad support.
1. Any idea where I can locate one ?
2. Could some one read the restance of the meter shunt so I can build my own.

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Hey Wayne...

This is something that comes up every once in a while. There are no readily available supplier's for this type of shunt. The after market AMP guages are different and have their own wiring for the purpose. An additonal point to keep in mind also, is that the maximum amperage that these & aftermarket AMP guages can handle is 60 amps. If you have a rebuilt alternator or a replacement one, it is most likely generating more than 60 amp's. Typically rebuilder's, redo them to 64 amps at minimum.

You are probably better off just leaving it dead and going out and getting a good volt guage.

Hope it helps.

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