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64 65 66 Chevelle Kick Panels with speakers
*** SOLD ***

Here is a pair of Custom Auto Sound 80W speaker kick panels for a 64-66 Chevelle without factory air. I had these on my 66 Chevelle last year, but never hooked them up. They are in absolutely great condition and look like they have never been installed. I believe they may also fit 67 Chevelles and other A-bodies, but do your own research first.
Any questions please call.
Tom 317-502-7460
$100 including shipping (continental U.S.)

Asking Price: $100.00
Condition: Excellent

Product Product Still life Electric fan Auto part Technology Audio equipment Fan

City: Mooresville / Indianapolis
State: Indiana
Displayed Email: [email protected]
Phone: cell 317-502-7460
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