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I'm converting my console shift powerglide to T56 & am redoing the wiring that was in my console switches associated with the old floor shift. I've wired the backup light circuit to the switch built into the trans., I've wired the neutral safety (crank purple w/white stripe) to a switch on the clutch pedal (used a "brake" type switch), & I've wired the reverse lockout to a pushbutton switch (12v power to a solenoid)for which I'll need to come up with a location. I've tested all three & all function as is.

My questions are:
Am I OK with using the switches I've selected, or should I wire in relay(s)? The "old" switches in the console weren't very heavy, so my inclination is that my new switches will be heavy enough.

What are your suggestions on where to install reverse lockout switch (I'm trying to avoid having it in the shift handle with the wire exposed going down the shifter).

Thanks in advance for your ideas.....Odie.
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