I had Mike build me this engine, took years of me slowly applying the cash to do so. In the meantime, I lost interest in the car and sold it about 9 months ago. I'm definitely into it more than the asking price, but I just don't see it getting used.

Bowtie block, 4.600x4.00. 15:1 compression, AFR 305 heads, solid roller Bullet cam with Isky Redlines. Wiseco pistons, zero gap rings, Molnar crank and rods. Early Edelbrock Tunnel ram with dual Holley 1000 cfm carbs. Made 792 on the dyno, only time it has been run.

Not in a rush to sell. I'll probably never get another opportunity to do an engine like this. But I also don't have a use for it and could turn the cash into something else. Pm me if interested.