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Well, my original plan was to start out with a mild 450hp 408ci BB. But my plans have changed and I am looking into a twin turbo setup on something like a LS2 or LS1 (maybe a BB??). It will have probably about 700-1000hp/tq.

Is there any overdrive 5-speed (or 6) that will handle this kind of power? Originally I was planning on a TKO600 for the first option, but I've realized that it will not handle the new plan?? This will be for street driving and the occasional strip..


Hmmm, Jerico will handle 700 plus HP, NASCAR guys use them. You have a big spread on the estimated HP, which will it be, 700 or 1000 HP?

That's quite a change from a 408 BB to a twin turbo setup!!!
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