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Ok. So I've finally come to grips with having to ask for help. I don't like it BUT...the alternative is experimenting with expensive components. Too much money. I'll try to make this as short as possible to prevent any attention span issues. I'm looking for suggestions for transmission, etc. to fit my particular needs. Keep in mind I'm new at classic American iron (sue me, lol) but not new to cars. Feel free to dumb it down as much as you feel needed, I'll speak up if you're making me feel TOO dumb. Ok:

Facts: '65 w/ 327, TH350, 10 bolt (3.73's), Suspension-basically stock AFAIK,

Where I want to be: 90% Cruiser, 5% Auto Cross, 3% Drag...I can add. Hangs with today's performance cars.
12's or better, 450-550hp for arguments sake.
MAST Motorsports LSx engine (power AND mpg's)
Overdrive transmission (considered Bowler and TCI for programmability...$$$) 700r4, 4l60e,4l65e,4l803, etc., who knows...
12 bolt (considered Currie or Moser) but not sure about gears.
Problems I'm anticipating: Wanting to run Kore 3 Z06 brakes and 10" wide rear wheels (fitment), keeping it auto and still keep decent performance.
(think Automatic Caddy CTS-V)

Short term compromise: 327 w/ mild cam, headers, exhaust system, electronic overdrive transmission (if possible), rearend-x, all for decent power to get me by.
1. Transmission first, right? Or rear first?
2. What transmission?
3. Why and from who? I really need an explanation here. Opinions are fine.
4. If I AM able to run an electronic transmission w/ the carbureted 327, will I be able to utilitze electric gauges. I hate the bouncy mechanical gauges.
5. Notable mention...the car will run Air Ride suspension.

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Replying to my own post. How stupid. Sorry for the wordy first post. Plain and simple I'm wanting to pick a transmission that will keep me in the sporty cruiser feel. The above info may be TOO broad. Sorry. Help me if you can.

Before you pay for a Mast Motorsports LSx combo, check out my website. I can beat their engine prices considerably for the same engine..
They have nice controller setups though.

I can do turnkey here locally.
I build performance transmissions primarily.

I think the 4L80E is the cats meow for a performance oriented car, however, it is a very tight fit in a 65 chassis, enough so that we would need to see what your ultimate goals are because some floorpan mods will be required.

Check out the website and give me a call if you have any questions. I'll be out of the shop tomorrow (again) and down the street at the paint booth doing final assembly on a restoration job. Call me on the cell phone.

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Well, I would tell you that the 200r4, 700r4, 4L60e and any of the th's will fit under the stock floor without any or very very little modification (read big hammer for 4L60). The 4L80 and any of the Tremec TKOs or the t56 is going to need tunnel surgery to fit 'em in there. We arent as blessed as far as tunnel space as the 68-72 guys are. If you are running a Mast LSX with the efi then you could use one of their computers to control the engine and transmission all in one shot. That said, I would tell you that a "warmed over" 4L60 should be able to take care of your needs. I would talk to Jakeshoe on here about getting a tranny put together for you. Heard nothing but good things about his work and IIRC there are a couple people running his stuff on this site with good results. Dont have a clue about the gauges though...Good luck with it.

Have you mini-tubbed the car for the 10" wheel? I dont think you are going to have much luck getting a 10" wheel under the car without a mini tub....especially with the stance that an Air Ride system suggests.

Jake beat me to it!!

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Well...I have to be honest. I have been researching my butt off and really wanted Jake's well as others, but figured I'd post up my mess so that I could get answers from the group also.

Jake, I've looked at your website a couple times and for some reason I missed the engine section half the time. (I looked though). So basically you can mimic the Mast setup? I wish your shop was in Fort Worth. I'd come trade some volunteer work for knowledge. Haha. Going to go check out your site a little more.:thumbsup:

Will, I haven't narrowed the rear yet but am looking into it. I hate I have to do it but pretty sure I'll have to for 10's considering the wheels will tuck deep into the wheel wells at certain points of the day. :D
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