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4L60E swap behind BBC?

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Hi Folks-
Well, my new car isn't here yet, but I'm already thinking of mods! It's a 70 Malibu with a 427/TH400/12 bolt with 3.73 combo. I am planning on cruising the car down to the beach, which is about 2 hours away, which is making me consider an OD tranny. I do believe I got a little bit spoiled by my Grand Nationals and their driveability! What trans would be the best choice for this application? 4L60E? 4L80E? Vendors? Thanks!
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how much heavier is a 4l80 over a 2004r?

I was thinking the same route for my car, 4l80/200/ or gear vendors.
I would like to do the cheapest strongest thing, which would probably be to put a stock 4l80 with a FMVB in.

jake, I tried pming you but your box is full
My base 4L80E is $1950. Info is on the website.
It's a beast of a trans, but they aren't that much heavier than a 200-4R and the same weight as a TH400 and GV yet they fit in a tighter package.

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can a 4l80 shift into OD at full throttle like a 2004r?
Yes they can.
I have not seen an aftermarket shifter for a 4l80 though. Would they work with a 700 or 200 aftermarket shifter?
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