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4L60 problem

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Alright tranny genious's, I am having a problem with the tranny in my 93 4x4 chevy truck. Its a 4l60 tranny. It works fine in 1-2-3-R, my problem is OD. I can drive in OD but if I try to accelerate past someone or go up a hill or something the tranny begins slipping. It gets a little RPM going then engages again and goes until I need to accelerate again.

I did change the filter and found nothing significant in the fluid or filter. The fluid isn't quite the bright red it should be, but not real bad either. Before I changed the filter and after, if I pull the dipstick the fluid looks foamy.

Does this sound like a pump problem or something else? Also is a 4l60 user friendly, meaning is it something a tranny beginner could handle. I have never tore into a tranny before, so if its out of my league I will just send it in, but would prefer to save some money and do it myself.

Any advice?

Thanks, Jeff
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Thanks for offering the help. I called a well known local tranny shop and he quoted me $1000 flat rate to do a 4l60 rebuild.

He did suggest a few ways to test on my own to see if I can figure out whats wrong with it and also said to warm up the tranny and bring it to him and he'll go for a ride with me and help me diagnois it. He said he won't rebuild it just for the sake of rebuilding if it is something minor.

I know him somewhat from the local dragstrip, real honest guy.

I guess I have some testing to do. He suggested it may possibly be my tranny cooler in the radiator plugging up and restricting flow. From what I told him its doing, he doesn't seem to think the tranny is actually at fault. I hope he's right.

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